• Accept orders online
  • Collect prices
  • Manage products, buyers, executives

35% discount, last time

It will be easy to trade

Buyers’ day shopping convenience, buy and sell any product and service.

Included services

Price acceptance

Collecting money from customers will be easy, all types of payment gateways are supported, domestic and foreign.

Work centralization

The software will manage all activities digitally

Email notifications

Keep buyers up to date via email notifications. Emails from the software will automatically go to buyers and officials for all important tasks. Such as: order shipment, new registration, password reset notification and so on.

State-of-the-art analysis methods

Observe more important information such as which products are being viewed the most, where customers are coming to the store from, when how many customers have visited the store, their age, gender and so on.


Full search engine friendly website, each page has individual SEO friendly method. As a result, customers will come from search results organically.

Silver Package




One Time

Embeddable Android app version of the website

Published in Google Play Store 

Gold Package




One Time

Native Android app version of the website

Published in Google Play Store

Diamond Pack




One Time

Native Coustom app version of the website

Published in the Appstore

Nillhost Payment Procedure

  • 70% advance payment for website development.
  • 30% due payment after complete the full project.
  • Client must provide all content with work order.
  • Payment will goes to “Nillhost.com” account pay by check.